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Couple & Sex Therapy

Cyber Infidelity & Micro Infidelity, Pornography, Loss of Sexual Desire, Monogamy, Relationship Anarchy, Polyamory, Conflict resolution, Communication, Renegotiating Relationship Structure, Getting back in touch with one another and mending fences in an existing relationship.

Clinical Sexology & Therapy

Sexual Dysfunction & Disorders, Fertility/Infertility Counseling, LGBTQIA+ & Family Therapy, STI Counseling & Safe Sex, Different sexual preferences, Changing relationship structure, Sexual Arousal/Desire Difficulty, Low Libido, Sex post-natal, Sex and Aging.

Couple Counseling

Conflict resolution, communication, trauma, infidelity, renegotiating relationship structure, reconnecting and repairing the relationship bond. Sexual concerns such as desire discrepancies, preferences, influences such as childhood and trauma, sex post children, and other.

Family Therapy

Parents and children of any age, as well as adult siblings, who wish to examine significant issues within the family, may participate in family therapy. Therapy for families seeks to strengthen bonds and promote mutual understanding among family members. Boundaries that allow for personal expression and growth as well as conflict resolution are also emphasised in family therapy.


Contraception Education, Menstrual Education, Youth and Adolescent Education, STI & AIDS Education. How to Get Your Partner Emotionally Ready to Have Kids and Improve Your Knowledge of Porn.


What is Sexual Counseling?

Sex therapy, also known as sexual counseling, is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on improving sexual functioning by addressing issues like sexual performance anxiety, orgasmic difficulties, sexual dysfunctions, and many other relationship issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Common Are Sexual Difficulties in Relationships?

I think it's pretty common for couples to have sexual tension. The problem is that many people don't have the resources to deal with their problems, so they suffer in silence, internalise their fears, and come to the conclusion that they're either broken as a person or in the wrong relationship. It's common for couples to wait over six years before getting counseling. Those who believe that sexual activity is "natural" and, thus, should come easily without any preparation or guidance from prior experience are living a delusion. Sexuality is a learned process in humans. Unlike in most animals, this is not a hardwired response. Clearly then, the question is how one acquires the skills necessary to engage in sexual activity. The Western world generally doesn't provide a lot of viable alternatives. We learn from our parents, our teachers, and other adults. The behaviour of other adults are crucial to our development and our interpersonal success

How does Tantric/Kink Sexuality Education work?

Tantric/Kink Sexuality Education occurs during a clinical session or a private session with a sex therapist. There is no sexual contact or getting naked. The practitioner is taught a series of exercises and practices that are meant to help him or her learn to recognise and amplify sexual sensations and then use the breath to move these sensations through the body. Students are given homework between sessions. Tantra/kink is a set of practices, so the best way to learn it is by doing it. Even though questions are answered and the reasons for each practice are given, most of what is learned is through doing.

Can you help with Porn addictions?

Sure, we should start by determining how much time you spend viewing pornographic material and how that time is affecting your lifestyle. Addiction to pornography among children as young as five is a major issue in South Africa today.

Sexual Disorders Treated by Sex Therapy

We can treat: Low Sexual Desire, Sexual Aversion Disorder, Erection Problems, Female/Male Arousal Disorder, Premature Ejaculation, Female/Male Orgasm Disorder, Vaginismus and Dyspareunia. After a patient has undergone procedures, we collaborate with doctors and urologists to aid in their recovery.

What are the main Sexual Disorders and Relationship Problems Treated with Sex Therapy?

We treat a large variety of sexual, relationship and sexuality problems, including, but not limited to: Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Inability to achieve orgasm, Low desire, Compulsive sexual behavior (sex addiction), Painful intercourse, Sexual identity issues, Sex and anxiety, Attracting a partner, Communicating more effectively about sex, Infidelity, Issues with pornography etc.

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